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Premium clearcoat and/or drying agent for use in final rinse arches.  Instantly forms very small beads of water.  Works well in cold or warm water.  Has a pleasant cherry scent and can be used as a spray wax at higher concentrations.


Use Cool Dry in final rinse arches as a premium clearcoat and/or drying agent.
Use as a spray wax at higher concentrations.
Cool Dry instantly forms very small beads of water which fly off the car surface for extremely dry and shiny cars. 
This versatile product is effective in both warm and cold water!
Add profit to your wash with this multipurpose drying agent!
Boost customer satisfaction by using Cool Dry in your In Bay Automatic or Tunnel carwash. i Recommended Product Usage: Dilute 400:1 to 800:1 for use solution. Usage is 5 to 10 ml /cc per car. Apply at high, medium or low pressure.

Cool Dry

SKU: UL1301