Unimac 202-Washer-Extractor

UniMac is less expensive to purchase, install, operate and maintain
than any other type of equipment producing a comparable volume
of laundry production per hour, day or week.
Washing Compartments
UniMac’s scientifically designed rectangular washing compartments
provide gentle warm water agitator turbulence for faster and more
thorough soil removal while reducing the use of harsh chemicals.
Turbo Jetspray Rinse
Special patented Turbo Jetspray rinsing flushes out all soap and soil
residues by diffusing rinse water into a pressurized fine spray mist.
678 G’s Extraction
No other washer-extractor combination offers as high an extract
as UniMac’s UM models, surpassing even the best frontload 300+
G-force.Thorough 1725 rpm rinse-extract speed provides lowest
water retention after extraction.
Less Drying Time
Drying time and number of dryers is reduced due to high extraction,
thus reducing energy consumption.
Heavy Duty

UniMac - Softmount Commercial Washer Extractor

SKU: UL3052
  • Rugged all stainless steel construction makes UniMac the only heavyduty
    top loading washer-extractor manufactured in the world.
    Lower Utility Costs
    Water, water heating and sewage costs are generally half that of
    comparable front-loading machines.
    Separate Motors
    Separate 1/3 HP motors operate washing compartments independently.
    Easy Operation
    UniMac’s washer-extractor allows for effortless operation with just
    a few simple controls.
    Vibration Free
    The UniMac washer-extractor may be installed on wood or concrete
    floors. No boltdown is required.

    Model UM202
    The UM202 features two twelve-pound capacity wash compartments
    and one twelve-pound rinse-extractor compartment which
    are capable of processing 100-120 pounds dry weight per hour.


    Specifications UniMac 100 UniMac 202
    Approx. Output/Hour 75-100 lb.s
    35-45 kg
    100-120 lbs.
    45-54 kg
    Voltage 208-240/60/3
    Extract Motor (Number) 1 HP (1)
    0.5 kW (1)
    1 HP (1)
    0.5 kW (1)
    Extract Speed @60 Hz 1725 rpm 1725 rpm
    G-Force (Extract) @60 Hz 678 678
    Extract Compartments 1 1
    Wash Motor (Number) 1/3 HP (1)
    0.25 kW (1)
    1/3 HP (1)
    0.25 kW (1)
    Wash Compartments 1 2
    Drain Hose (Number)
    2” (1)
    50.8 mm
    2” (1)
    50.8 mm
    Cold Water Plumbing 
    3/4” (19 mm) 3/4” (19 mm)
    Cold Inlets Required 2 2
    Hot Water Plumbing
    3/4” (19 mm) 3/4” (19 mm)
    Hot Inlets Required 1 1
    Overall Length (in./mm) 40” (1016 mm) 60” (1524 mm)
    Overall Depth (in./mm) 29-1/2” (750 mm) 29-1/2” (750 mm)
    Overall Height (in./mm) 40-1/2” (1029 mm) 40-1/2” (1029 mm)
    Net Weight 450 lbs. (204 kg) 510 lbs. (231 kg)